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Secretariat of the National Task Force
for the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network

  • Building a frame work
    Building a frame work


【Release】Our new pamplets

We made new pamplets for CH-DRM Net. The contents of new research , the latest activity photos, and the chronology of activities for FY2018 were added. And more...? PDF  



ANNOUNCEMENT   Thank you for always using it. This time, we will inform you as we have renewed our website (2019.07.17). We will continue to aim for a more convenient...


Public symposium: Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network Promotion Project by National Institutes for Cultural Heritage, “Exploring Disaster Risk Mitigation with Communities I”

Now that large-scale disasters occur frequently, so public concern is growing about how to protect and convey the tangible and intangible cultural heritage that has been left in the area....