CH-DRM Network,Japan

Secretariat of the National Task Force
for the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network

CH-DRM Net Objectives

Excutive Committee of CH-DRM Net. Meetings are held biannually, chaired by the President of NICH.


The CH-DRM Net Headquarters (chaired by the NICH President and comprising NICH museum and research institute directors), set up under the auspices of the NICH, has a secretariat staffed by concurrently appointed researchers from the various NICH institutions who are involved in diverse network-building activities.

The CH-DRM Net comprises the following three major components.

Daily maintenance and management of cultural properties, reporting and information sharing in case of emergency, and salvage activities carried out in conjunction with the ACA and prefectural and municipal authorities as provided for by the Act on Protection of Cultural Properties.
Regional networking activities involving prefectural museums, libraries and archives, and networks for local historical materials formed by history and folklore researchers.
The CH-DRM Net Executive Council, a group primarily made up of the organizations that were involved in the earlier Committee for Salvaging Cultural Properties Affected by the 2011 Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku and Related Disasters. (As of August 2018, the Council had 24 members.)

Ideally, advance preparations are the best way to prevent or limit damage to cultural properties in the event of a disaster. When, in a worse-case scenario, cultural properties are damaged, prompt action is needed to minimize the impact by sending people with the appropriate expertise to assess the damage and plan and implement recovery measures. Through its network, CH-DRM Net carries out technological research and promotes the implementation of effective measures directed at establishing a national framework for cultural properties disaster mitigation.