CH-DRM Network,Japan

Secretariat of the National Task Force
for the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network


CH-DRM Net Headquarters

Situated inside the NICS, the CH-DRM Net Headquarters is chaired by the NICS President and comprises the directors and staff members of the seven NICS institutions.

Members meet to deliberate the future of the network and its activities.

Under the Headquarters is the CH-DRM secretariat where concurrently appointed researchers from the NICS institutions are involved in diverse activities to advance the CH-DRM Net.

CH-DRM Net Executive Council

The CH-DRM Net Executive Council was first convened by NCIS, which called upon related institutions and organizations—primarily those in the Committee for Salvaging Cultural Properties Affected by the 2011 Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku and Related Disasters—to come together to discuss their shared concerns and deliberate the need for a disaster mitigation network and how it should be advanced.

The Council, augmented by the attendance of personnel from the ACA, meets to exchange information on the disaster mitigation endeavors of various network organizations and discuss how the whole overall network can be most effectively deployed at the time of actual disasters.

With each natural disaster that has occurred to date, the Council member organizations have acted promptly to gather and consolidate information, and an effective system is on the verge of being finalized to communicate this information to the CH-DRM Net secretariat in a timely manner.

The Executive Council is actively calling on other organizations that support its objectives to join its current 24 members.

CH-DRM Net expert Committee

The CH-DRM Net Panel of Experts brings together academic authorities and highly experienced professionals from a diverse range of fields related to cultural properties to assist in formulating strategies for building the network and achieving its objectives. The Panel currently comprises 11 members and meets twice a year.