CH-DRM Network,Japan

Secretariat of the National Task Force
for the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network

Manual for Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation

This video shows an example of emergency measures and temporary storage methods for cultural materials that have become dirty due to a natural disaster. This time we will focus on the cleaning and temporary storage of wooden objects, assuming a scenario of damage from an earthquake and flood.

FY2018 Manual for cultural heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation -Examples of Cleaning Procedures for Cultural Materials-


FY2017 Manual for Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation -Examples for Cleaning Soiled Paper Materials–


Our record of activity

Contents of training about cultural property disaster prevention, Presentation on preservation of historical data, International Symposium Discussion, Intangible Cultural Heritage Initiatives …

Now, There are about 20 books from seven facilities and cosponsored groups.

And we will continue to issue several reports and brochures.