Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Network Promotion Council

The Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Network Promotion Council is made up of organizations that handle a wide range of cultural heritage. The council's activities include: information sharing, protecting cultural heritage from disasters through preventive action, and building networks to effectively support and carry out rescue operations after disasters occur.

The Council established the"Disaster Response Guidelines of the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Network Promotion Council" on February 4, 2020, and revised it on February 19, 2021.

List of Participating Organizations

National Institutes for Cultural Heritage*
National Museum Of Art
National Museum of Nature and Science
National Institutes for the Humanities*
National Diet Library
National Archives Of Japan
Japanese Association of Museums*
Japan Library Association
Japanese Council of Science Museums
Japan Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property
Japanese Archaeological Association
Japan Society For Scientific Studies On Cultural Properties
The Japanese Council of Art Museums*
Japan Society Of Archives Institutions
National Council of Universities Teaching Museum Studies
Miyagi Shiryō Net
Natural History Museum Network of Western Japan
Japanese Liaison Council Of History And Folk Museums
Japanese Council of University Museums
Foundation For Cultural Heritage And Art Research
Japan Conservation Project
Kyushu-Yamaguchi Museum Renkei Jigyo Jikko Iinkai
The Association for Conservation of National Treasures
Film Preservation Society
The Folklore Society of Japan
(*) is the secretary of the participating organization.