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What We Do

At a Glance

The National Institutes for Cultural Heritage founded the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Center to protect cultural heritage from all types of probable disasters. The Center works on nationwide initiatives for cultural heritage disaster risk management. The Center also collaborates with many organizations and experts to aid in effectively rescuing cultural heritage as quickly as possible when disasters strike.

Our Three Missions

  • Take every possible precaution to prevent damage entirely.
  • Minimize the severity of damage when it does occur by getting the right information, making the right decisions, and responding quickly.
  • Prepare and maintain the functionality of a disaster response network to effectively support and carry out rescue operations for cultural heritage when severe damage occurs.

Our Five Functions

  • Building Regional Disaster Risk Management Networks
  • Preparing Disaster Guidelines
  • Developing Technologies for Rescue, Storage, and Exhibition
  • Raising Awareness
  • Collecting and Using Information on Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management