Launching the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Center

Japan regularly experiences earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rainfall, and many other types of natural disasters. The list of cultural heritage impacted by these disasters is virtually endless.

In response to this situation, Japan has been working to strengthen its cultural heritage disaster risk management networks. The National Institutes for Cultural Heritage founded the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Center on October 1, 2020.

The Center itself has three main missions. One mission is to use disaster risk reduction strategies as a means of protecting cultural heritage from disasters before they happen. The second mission is to build a framework and develop technologies to quickly rescue damaged cultural heritage. And the third mission is to support cultural heritage rescue operations when disasters occur.

To achieve these three missions, the Center has launched several initiatives to build disaster risk management networks that are able to accommodate diverse types of cultural heritage.

Director|Yohsei Kohdzuma
DirectorYohsei Kohdzuma